The power of ten

If you were given a chance to shape the future, how would you envisage the world in about fifty years time? What would you do different? The Power of Ten proposes a structure to develop a common vision to shape our future and more importantly that of the next generations.

Read with us and think along to help us bring this ideal a step closer to reality.

The world is in constant change. Unfortunately the development of our methods of government is standing still. The authorities are chasing the symptoms of events and don’t get around to painting an attractive vision for the future. A new model to support the administration can brake through this deadlock. The Power of Ten involves the general population and will bring wider issues to the fore than just the economic ones.

The thus supported government will have the foundation in society that will enable them to work towards a sustainable world for everyone, including future generations, based on a responsible long-term vision. Education will take a central place for young and old so that a better educated people can shape their own future and that of their children’s children.