Pim Tiddens

After many years of management experience at directors level in the business community Pim changed tack. He set sail in 2012 together with his wife for an ocean voyage. Pim is an optimistic contrarian who dares to speak out for a course to a better world.

Pim started his working life in the printing industry. After some years accumulating experience he completed a course for a Masters degree Business Administration at the IMD business school in Lausanne – Switzerland. After that he joined the Royal Dutch Paper Mills (KNP), originally in a staff function and developing to become CEO of Kappa Karton. He continued his career in the paper and packaging industry as a board member of Fardem, then part of DSM NV.

In 1992 Pim bought a small company. From the bankruptcy of the NV Medicopharma he rescued Neodent, a distributor of dental supplies. After the company had become sustainable again, Pim returned to KNP in 1997 to take up the post of CEO of Recycled Paper Europe. Health problems intervened in 2000. On his return he was promoted to Director of the Solid Board Production Division. Due to differences of opinion about the need for restructuring of one of the companies of the division Pim left the company.

Pim again bought an insolvent company, this time a shoe retail chain in Germany. Because of a variety of contributing elements this task proved to be beyond his reach and he ended up filing for bankruptcy. From 2007 Pim started working as an interim manager in cooperation with Boer & Croon. He managed Veriplast, a packaging company and worked in Moscow for a year as the director of Matrix, a distributor of agricultural equipment, mainly John Deere.

After this lively existence in the business world Pim decided to become a writer. He entrusted his ideas for a better world to his book De Macht van Tien. This has now been translated into English as the Power of Ten and is available as an eBook.

Pim is married and father of two. He practised many different sports, is an enthusiastic carpenter and singer. He has always travelled extensively and has just returned from his sailing trip with his wife on their yacht Nelly Rose. They made a great journey from the Netherlands that ended in New Zealand.

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