The power of ten

The current political system is reactive an aimed at short-term success. That should be different. With the Power of Ten it is possible to involve all people in shaping the future. That allows us to develop a long-term vision that we can all support and strive for.

Our individualistic worldview would undoubtedly change if we would think about such an ideal. Should progress still be measured by constant growth and pursuit of profit? Or should we maybe start viewing our hedonistic life style in the light of how t will affect future generations? Involved people feel responsible for their living environment and that positions them in this life with a difference. That would give the long term a chance.


What makes the Power of Ten function?

Imagine that you divide all people in a country in groups of ten and call them base groups, the 101 level. Those base groups elect or appoint someone from their midst to represent them on the next level of the Power of Ten, the 102 level. That group would then represent up to a 100 people. From that group once more you elect a representative for the next, the 103  level that could then represent up to 1000 people and so on all the way up to the 1010 (Ten to the Power of Ten) that could represent the total population of the world of well over 7 billion people. Not to run all the world’s affairs. Not by a long shot. But to unite the world with all its differences; united in its dedication to education and care for our planet.

This of course is a highly idealistic idea, but if properly understood the only real way forward in our global society. We have to start with the introduction of a new level of education to be able to understand that. No longer just teaching people in the traditional sense to make them proper citizens of the state and useful for the economy, but to develop our capability of independent thought. That will make us better citizens of this world and will help us to show what we are capable of. The Power of Ten should assume responsibility for education and free government of that task. Assuming responsibility for our own education is the best way to show that the general people are worthy of responsibility. Once that is clear the Power of Ten will also be taken serious when the people should be heard on other themes considering the well being of the planet and its inhabitants.
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