Short stories

Pim Tiddens likes to write about his experiences, memories and thoughts, knowing that the story represents only his point of view or opinion, not the truth. Sometimes it invites to discussion, other times it's just a story to entertain.

To debate or to discuss

A dichotomy parallel to hierarchy and egalitarianism.

Although the words debate and discuss are often used as similar in meaning, they are far from that and should be used and recognized conscious of their difference in meaning.

Debating, which exists also as a competitive activity, is abou...


Eight hundred and fifty words

My daughter is always kind enough to edit my literary doodles. She invariably grumbles about me using too many words; my texts are too long. People no longer have time nor the inclination to take in more than 850 words at a time. Weird really; society gets more complex and consequences of our dec...


Thinking is a discipline

A lot of our thoughts come very fast. When and where did we really learn how to think? Our thoughts very quickly lead to actual decision about things we do or don’t want. We base ourselves on instinct, emotions and immediately accessible knowledge. Rarely are we held back by the realisation that ...


Nothing is true

Nothing is true and maybe not even that. That is a bit a mantra of mine. That does seem a bit awkward, because you have to accept certain starting points if you want to get things done. Of course there are fact. Water is wet and flames are hot. With wind and an air foil you can generate lift and ...


Education is the peaceful weapon for the future

Nelson Mandela said it: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I would have preferred that he would have said it is the only weapon with which you can really change the world, but that wouldn’t be true. You can also change the world with violence, but most ...